Friday, June 27, 2008

Suicide: Live '77-'78

For those that just can't get enough Suicide, Blast First Petite has just released a 6 cd box containing 13 shows recorded the year (or so) following the release of their classic debut. Some of the shows were recorded by me directly onto cassette, some by Eric Maché. Both of us were fans and recorded while standing in the audience. All the shows were mixed by Marty Thau and/or Charles Ball. Venues represented here include Max's Kansas City, the Palladium & CBGB's (NYC), The Music Machine (London), Eric's (Liverpool), Anciennes Belgiques (Brussels), the Olympia (Paris), Audiomax (Hamburg) and Kant Kino (Berlin).
Last Sunday afternoon, a group of people gathered downtown to celebrate Alan Vega's birthday (6/23). Folks flew in from Finland, London, and came from all over to be there. It was a pleasure seeing Alan looking so happy, surrounded by his family, Marty Rev,
friends, peers and admirers.

Every now and then you think about your life, what you would like to be, you start at Number 1 and you go down to 100. And down at the bottom, 100, was - Stage. Go figure. That would be the last thing. It terrified me, man. But I had to do it. - AV

Alan Vega
Lower Manhattan, NY
June 22nd '08

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