Sunday, April 20, 2008


Last week, Kevin P and I went to pay our respects at Joey Ramone's grave in East Rutherford, NJ. As we were leaving, The Ramones' version of 'Time Has Come Today' came on the (satellite) radio. Reminded me of the day Joey called me at Almo Sounds. We talked about the MC5 film that I was trying to help get made at the time. I wanted to show him a trailer and we fixed a time for me to come over to his apt on 9th St. He told me he was writing a new song called 'Maria Bartiromo' and asked if I wanted to help him out with it. I said 'sure', but never followed through. There aren't many things I regret about my career in the music business. Not having the guts to sign the Sex Pistols is one. Not writing a song with Joey Ramone is another. What the hell was I thinking? I should have cabbed it to his place immediately. In the end, he didn't need me. The song appeared on his solo album 'Don't Worry About Me', and is one of his best.
Eventually, Kevin and I came back to the city, had a couple of drinks and went to see 'Shine A Light' at the IMAX theater on Broadway at 68th St. Buddy Guy and Christina Aguilera steal the show. Jeez.

Coney Island High, NYC, '98

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