Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Changing All Those Changes

(photo taken from the internet)

I had hoped to be able to re-name and re-launch the radio station, and announce the blog today but (as Bob Dylan says) things have changed. As some of you know, the reason for all the changes is I'm simply trying to steer more folks towards the radio station. However, as a week spent in the UK during the New Year demonstrated, if I'm not on top of this day-in/day-out (importing, selecting, topping and tailing, uploading and marking up the tunes for Amazon), my audience dwindles and soon the station is back to lesser numbers (stats, not content). Once I have taken care of all the personal stuff that's going on - don't worry, it's all good - I'll send out one last mailing to the CAKE list and from then on, this is where my stories and station info will be found. You're invited to stop by whenever you want, tell a friend, send cds/mp3s (if you're a record company), exclusive tracks/ID's (if you're an artist), art if you think you can do a logo, give feedback in the "comments" section or just tune in, lay back, close your eyes and drift downstream...

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