Sunday, November 18, 2012

North Fork Sound Top 20 - November 18th 2012

Donald Fagen
illustration: Greg Joens @

1. Donald Fagen: Slinky Thing
2. Brian Eno: Lux 4
3. Bad Religion: Fuck You
4. Kvety: Lesni Duch
5. Snowgoose: Hazy Lane
6. Jack Ellister: Dear Prudence
7. Vince Gill: Just Pleasing You
8. Magic Sam: Twenty One Days In Jail
9. Porcupine Tree: The Incident (live)
10. Vespero: Jennifer
11. Captain Beefheart & Frank Zappa: Orange Claw Hammer (KWST-FM, '75)
12. nick nicely: Rosemary's Eyes
13. Eric Heatherly: Swimming In Champagne
14. Thunderclap Newman: Something In the Air
15. Madness: La Luna
16. Edgar Oliver: In The Park
17. The Who: Blue Red And Grey
18. Genevieve Waite: Femme Fatale
19. Citigrass: Ain't Gonna Change (live)
20. Gian Franco & Gian Piero Reverberi: Preparati La Bara/Nel Cimitero Di Tucson

North Fork Sound Alb O' The Week
Led Zeppelin: Celebration Day

Last Week's Listener 'Thumbs-Ups'
Andrew May: Chant/Songe
Bob Mould: Keep Believing
Brik & Shenale: Je Suis Mal A Propos  
Errol Dunkley
Errol Dunkley: A Little Way Different
Graham Parker & The Rumour: Coathangers
Joe Brown: You've Got Your Troubles
Jon Herington: Shine Shine Shine
Ketty Lester: Love Letters
Leo Kottke: A Child Should Be A Fish
 Lou Pallo
Lou Pallo: Mr. Sandman (feat. Arlen Roth)
Luna: Dream Baby Dream
Lyle Brewer (w/Duke Levine): Chitlins Con Carne
Nancy Sinatra
Nancy Sinatra: You Only Live Twice
Neomythics: Now We Know
Paul Kelly: Come Lay Some Lovin' On Me
Primal Scream: Movin' On Up
Ray Davies: The Tourist
 Ray Wylie Hubbard
Photo: Todd Wolfson  
Ray Wylie Hubbard: South Of The River
Rico: Man From Warieka
Sonny Burgess: Red Headed Woman
The Star Spangles: The Sins Of A Family Fall On The Daughter (live)
 Tim Hart & Maddy Prior
Tim Hart & Maddy Prior: False Knight On The Road
The Tyla Gang: Young Lords
Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby: 1983
Wynonie Harris: Good Morning Judge

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