Sunday, September 27, 2009

North Fork Sound Top 20 - September 27th 09

Doug Smith
Tom Sheehan

Everything’s Great In Notting Hill Gate…It’s a Doug Smith special…

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link 2

Motörhead: Louie Louie
2. Girlschool (w/'Fast' Eddie Clarke): Metropolis
3. Hawkwind: Urban Guerilla
4. Michael Moorcock & The Deep Fix: Dodgem Dude
5. The Continentals: Fizz Pop (Modern Rock)
6. Whirlwind: Hang Loose (You Gotta Rock)
7. Chumbawamba: All Fur Coat And No Knickers
8. Social Distortion: Prison Bound
9. Mighty Baby: Egyptian Tomb
The Pink Fairies: The Snake
11. Tracey Curtis: If The Death Penalty Were An Olympic Sport
12. Gunslinger: Going In For The Kill
13. Tomorrow: My White Bicycle
14. The Sex Patels: Life During Wartime
15. Mick Farren: I Want A Drink
Robert Calvert: Catch A Falling Starfighter
17. Amon Duul: Archangel Thunderbird
18. Skin Alley: Bad Words, Evil People
19. High Tide: Death Warmed Up
20. Motörhead/Girlschool: Please Don’t Touch

NoFoSo Alb o’ The Week:
The Shazam: Meteor (Not Lame)

The Guilty Pleasure:
King Kurt: Destination Zululand (GWR Records)

Last Week’s Listener Thumbs-Ups:

Mott The Hoople: All The Way From Memphis
Hal Blaine: Secret Agent Man
The Psychedelic Furs: Imitation Of Christ
Angel Corpus Christi: Threw It Away
Luna: Chinatown
Harvey Mandel: Lights Out
Kris Kristofferson: The Show Goes On
Sara Hickman: Mad World
Glenn Tilbrook & The Fluffers: Still
Motörhead: Ace Of Spades
Invisible Cities: Lizard Brain
Heads, Hands & Feet: Country Boy
The Who: Eminence Front
Little Beaver: Party Down (Pt 1)
Dr. Feelgood: All Through The City (Watch this!!!)
Roky Erickson & The Aliens: White Faces
The Kinks: All Day And All Of The Night
Louis Jordan: Reet Petite And Gone
Billy Bragg: Some Days I See The Point
Jerry Lee Lewis: Drinking Wine Spo-dee-o-dee
The Velvet Underground: Foggy Notion
Gilbert Gottfried: Dad Catches Son
Johnny Cash: Get Rhythm
Graham Bowers: Eternal Ghosts – Which Is To Come (excerpt)
Genya Ravan: I Hate Myself
Doug Powell: Love Is Like Oxygen
Amy Rigby: 20 Questions
The Star Spangles: I Told A Lie
Toots & The Maytals: Pressure Drop
Omar Kent Dykes & Jimmie Vaughan: Baby What’s Wrong
Amy Allison: Turn Out The Lights
The Yayhoos: Oh! Chicago

North Fork Sound - 3 years old today!


Vicky Germaise said...

my sweet babe-ola!!! you sure are big for 3!!!!! I mean cute for 3!!!


Your Vick

Mr Twang said...

Forkin' aye!

Rich said...

happpy birthddday!!!!

Graham Wallis said...

Happy Birthday...enjoyed reading the links. I met Doug in the mid seventies, he had a band called State Line. His office in Great Western Road was an archive of what was fast becoming another era and Doug let me use a desk for a few months and help out...and what a few months. Doug was a 24hr enthusiast, great to be around - Motorhead got revived, thanks to Ted Carrol for a 12" single, Doug got involved with Whirlwind , Doug was European agent for Lieber Krebs - so he had Aerosmith headline at Reading, a tour by Ted Nugent, Black Oak 2 tours for Motorhead with Hawkwind (Motorhead sold a huge amount of what is now a classic shirt). Downstairs Richard Ogden was managing the Motors plus doing PR. The office was a thouroughfare for the who's who of Ladbroke Grove culture, Magic Michael, Barney Bubbles, Twink and so on.

I came to find NFS originally by looking for names such as Doug's.

Did you ever hear the Magic Michael demos done with Eno? very interesting and original, despite his hippy background he moved on - we had a short lived punk band called the Necromats, he was Mr Charisma!

Twink also did punk..the Rings and Psyhcadellic Punkeroo! he also acted and did an impressive Uriah Heep (Dickens) on tv.

Regards Graham

ht said...

Graham -

thanks for the note. I used to visit Great Western Rd quite often so I'm pretty familiar with most of the things you talk about. I didn't know about the MM/Eno tapes...was it done for Island, Obscure or EG Records??


Graham said...

The tape I heard was never for release, I guess. From memory it was only 2-3 tracks, but one in particular stood out because he whistles the melody for a few bars and the lyrics are a more like a spoken dialogue from Shakespeare. It was to me commercial, but then the mid 70's were the pits for originality - this was a pre-Stiff era.

I made a demo of 3 great tracks on my revox, but never took it further - I admitted him to St Marys with a liver problem he was tying to cure himself - after that when I bumped into him he was a bus conductor...the singing conductor, as he told me!

Michael had charisma and charm, an event to meet - I never sussed he was an old hippy - I knew the stuff about the roundhouse and the film, but the guy I met was sharp - he wore a mohair suit, short hair, looked 'spot on'.

I put him on at the Speakeasy with his band called Necromats that never got recorded. This was all around 1977, the same time that Motorhead recorded for Chiswick, the Eno stuff must be at least 2 years before.

Whatever happened to him.

ht said...

Graham - are you, by any chance, related to Larry?

Anonymous said...

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