Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Men's Dinner

As Gene Casey and I drove down 2nd Ave, 'Her Love Falls Like Rain' came on the radio and, since we were about to dine with its creator, Willie Nile and other friends at the Bad Mexican Restaurant, it seemed like a good enough excuse to stop in at my favourite cd/dvd/lp store, Rockit Scientist on St. Mark's Place to feed our insatiable jones for acquiring stuff to play loudly around the house and/or on the radio. As long as there are cd/record shops, I'm gonna buy stuff. Gene chose a Waylon Jennings and The Kimberleys cd while I stocked up on some Sly & Robbie, Prince Far I, Burning Spear and an incredible Roy Lee Johnson collection on Bear Family that RS proprietor, John Kioussis, was playing in the store. Folks, if you're looking for the good - not to mention the rare - stuff, JK's your guy.
Jones satisfied (temporarily), our next stop was the West Village's best English chipolata sausage and lamb curry pie emporium, Myers Of Keswick where all the necessary Crunchie bars, Twiglets, Cornish pasties, cans of Strongbow and other priceless British comestibles were loaded into the boot of the old Altima. Next, we got in the car and headed further downtown to find a parking space some where near the site of the BMR. Idling at a light at Thompson & Broome, we spotted Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top. I mean, it had to be him, right? I'd heard Billy was producing Roky Erickson's next album so, as I turned the corner, I lowered the window and said, "hey Billy...how's the Roky thing coming along?" at which threw a big grin, said "Awl-right!" and gave us this snazzy ZZ thumbs-up move. Kinda made our day.
Billy Gibbons
photo: Richard Brill
courtesy: www.my-best-shot.blogspot.com

Then, it was on to the men's dinner, for which one of its rules is: you can't write about it. So, thanks for the cd Willie, and the generous set of Woodstock performances, Steve. See you on the radio.
Finally, kudos to Dave Clark who found this must-see:

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