Sunday, October 5, 2008

North Fork Sound Top 20 October 5th ‘08

1. Elvis Presley: Mystery Train
2. Martin Rev: Venise
3. Bobby Comstock: I’m A Man
4. The Hellacopters: I Only Got The Shakes
5. Suicide: Shadazz
6. Lou Reed: My Love Is Chemical
7. Billy Hamon: Butch Things
8. Howlin’ Wolf: Howlin’ For My Darlin’
9. Headgirl: Emergency
10.Chuck Berry: Let’s Boogie
11.Watts 103rd St. Band: Wine
12.Wayne Cochran: Some-A Your Sweet Love
13.Fred: October
14.The Dixie Chicks: You Send Me
15.Mickey Newbury: Frisco Depot
16.The Real Kids: All Kindsa Girls
17.Mitch Webb: West Coast Blues
18.Adam & The Ants: Scorpios
19.Georgie Fame: Seventh Son
20.Swamp Dogg: The Mind Does The Dancing While The Body Pulls The Strings

Featured Album:
Prisonshake: Dirty Moons (Scat Records)

The 7” B-side:
Jona Lewie: Denny Laine’s Valet (Stiff Records, UK)

Last Week’s Listener Favourites:
The Sugarcubes: Delicious Demon
Max Romeo: Wet Dream
Lambchop: Slipped, Disolved And Loosed
Captain Beeheart & The Magic Band: 25th Century Quaker
The Yardbirds: For Your Love
Otis Clay: Trying To Live My Life Without You
Frankie Miller: It’s All Over
Fleetwood Mac: Man Of The World
P. P. Arnold: Am I Still Dreaming?
Keith Richards: All I Have To Do Is Dream
Electric Prunes: I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night
Chairman Of The Board: (You’ve Got Me) Dangling On A String
Willie & The Poor Boys: Tear It Up
Jim Jones Revue: Another Daze
Michael Chapman: Postcards Of Scarborough
John Lee Hooker: My Dream
Glasvegas: Daddy’s Gone
Glasvegas: Flowers And Football Tops
The Soundtrack Of Our Lives: Lone Summer Dream
Vanity 6: Wet Dream
Small Faces: I’m Only Dreaming
Ian McLagan & The Bump Band: Wishing Hoping Dreaming
Wanda Jackson: Sweet Dreams (Of You)
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(happy birthday, ‘Fast’ Eddie Clarke)


JP said...

I love this station! Where else are you going to hear "All Kindsa Girls" followed by Charlie Christian and into Kevin Ayers "Stranger in Blue Suede Shoes"?


ht said...

A-ha! Just the kind of listener I'm looking for! Hey JP...anything you wanna hear?

JP said...

Well, I shouldn't mess with success - the eclecticy (is that a word?) is what I love about the station. On those rare times that the kids are out of the house and I have had a few and am rocking out the stereo I invoke the RRKT rule when I don't know what to play next. (Ralpher-Ronno-Koss-Thunders or guys that play like them).

JP said...

See. This morning I get the 'cubes (after all, Paul Armstrong is the Johnny Thunders of New England), Mickey Jupp and a Flamin' Groovies cover (although I think Ducks Deluxe did the best "Teenage Head" cover of all time).

You're doing fine without me.

ht said...

I'm totally stoked you like some of this stuff. I thought I was the only one! I'll put a Ducks track up without delay. The Snakes - who did this version of Teenage Head - had the Motors' Nick Garvey on guitar, in case you're interested. I met him a few times. He claimed he could play every Chuck Berry intro exactly as it was originally played. - ht

JP said...

I'm stoked too, and I love almost everything you play, it has a great mix of stuff I know and stuff I want to know more of. I have already bought 4 to 5 CDs of artists I'm not that familiar with. I'm afraid my "listen to pile" is getting out of control.

I wasn't aware of the Snakes, need to find that stuff cause I love all the old pub rock stuff.

If you are adding some Ducks "Daddy Put the Bomp" is an all time favorite.

ht said...

I've played DPTB a lot over the last year and will return to it soon. But I put something up 'specially for you from their last ever show at the 100 Club (with Lee Brilleaux guesting). I'm not sure if the Snakes ever did anything else. The flip of TH happens to be next week's featured b-side, a fantastic version of Lights Out. - ht

Peter Stanfield said...

The Snakes, "Lights Out" -- now there's a treasure plucked from the depths of obscurity. What a great 45. Two other Groovies influenced tracks turned up on the Dutch comp Light Up the Dynamite: "Have You Seen My Baby" and "Little Queenie." One thing I always liked about the band was that the singer Robert Grey ends up drumming is Wire under the nom de plume Robert Gotobed -- from pub rocker to art rocker in one easy move.