Friday, September 5, 2008

Christine Ohlman

Christine Ohlman
Bridgeport, CT
Sept 4th '08

Immediately after the 15 seconds it took to do this ID, some officious twerp in an orange jacket came over to tell us we weren't allowed to film there. Never mind that only 50 feet away, several people were taking pictures and filming friends and family as they were disembarking the ferry. How anyone could have thought we were dangerous terrorists scoping out a potential target near the trash dumpsters is way beyond me but, then again, I would never have thought one of the people up for election in November goes to a church where they speak in tongues, believe humanity is in its 'end times' and think it's "God's plan" to fight the war in Iraq, either.
On a more important note however, 'Re-hive', a collection of Christine Ohlman's best work with Rebel Montez is coming out shortly and right now, she's hard at work on a new one featuring Levon Helm, Dion, Ian Hunter, Andy York and Marshall Crenshaw. My vote's with her.


planckzoo said...

Christine is the real deal, I saw her a bunch of times when we lived in CT.

Anonymous said...

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