Sunday, January 4, 2009

North Fork Sound Top 20 January 4th ‘09

1. Tim Buckley: Look At The Fool
2. Illusion Fields: Bless The Mules
3. Dan Baird: Lost Highway
4. Ray Charles: What’d I Say (Pts 1 & 2)
5. Van Der Graaf Generator: Killer
6. Queen Ifrica: Nuff Vibes
7. Matthias Hellberg & The White Moose: Why Is It So?
8. Paul Heaton: I Do
9. The Bellrays: Fire On The Moon
10. Glasvegas: Lonesome Swan
11. Kings Of Leon: Sex On Fire
12. Cream: World Of Pain
13. Jon Cleary: C’mon Second Line
14. Dave & Ansell Collins: Double Barrell
15. Oscar Brown Jr: Chicken Heads
16. 10,000 Maniacs: Poison In The Well
17. Bruce Woolley & The Camera Club: Get Away William
18. The Mooche: Hot Smoke & Sassafras
19. Billy Bremner: I Can Love You
20. J. Geils Band: Getting Out

Album of the Week:
The Wolfmen: Modernity Killed Every Night (Damaged Goods)

Vinyl B-side:
Jack White: Another Way To Die (instr.) (J Records)

The Guilty Pleasure:

Jane Birkin: Je T’aime…(Moi Non Plus) (Major Minor)

Last Week’s Listener Favourites:
Lowell Fulson: Rock ‘em Dead
Ralph McTell: Streets Of London
Glasvegas: Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime
Mike Edison & The Delta Science Arkestra: Pornography Pt. 1
Ed Sanders: Some FEMA trailers In Hope
The Wolfmen: Buzz Me Kate
Buddy Guy: Show Me The Money
James Hunter: Carina
M.I.A.: Paper Planes
Dion: Sweet Little Rock And Roller
Jerry Byrne: Lights Out
The Blind Boys Of Alabama (feat: Allen Toussaint): If I Could Help Somebody
Burning Spear: Slavery Days
Martin Rev: Mari Go Round
John Fogerty: Don’t You Wish It Was True
XTC: Mayor Of Simpleton
Fleetwood Mac: Tell Me All The Things You Do
Geraint Watkins: Heroes And Villains
Joey Ramone: What A Wonderful World
Rubén Blades: Patria
Chuck Berry: Back In The USA
The Charms: Gimme That Shot
The Hedrons: Couldn’t Leave Her Alone
Herb Alpert (w/Will Calhoun & Doug Wimbish): The Look Of Love
Intastella: Skyscraper
John Campbell: Bluebird


The Hound said...

Hey HoTo,
didn't realize you was doin' this! I linked you to my page.
Did you know there's a Stooges @ Uganao's live '70 show comin' out soon?
Check out the rare stooges shot (w/zeke and bil cheetam in the line up) on my site under Halloween #2 in Oct.
the Hound

ht said...

hi Jim! your blog is brilliant. One of the best. You're linked, too. Thanks...