Friday, May 16, 2008

"Suicide - The Future Of Music Since 1975..."

Club Europa, Brookyn, May 15th '08

...that's what the voice said over the PA as Alan & Marty left the stage last night. The crowd clamored for more and a good 7 or 8 minutes later, the guys blessed us by playing 'Staying Alive' and a beautiful down-tempo piece straight outa the 50s probably called 'I Love You' for the encore.
It didn't used to be like that, as anyone checking out their "Live '77-'78" box set will hear. Sets used to end early and occasionally bloody. Sometimes they'd be ducking hurled objects (coins, shoes, chairs, the occasional axe) or fending off irate audience members. In Brussels, a mic was stolen right out of Alan's hand to curtail the set. Back then, the band would have to endure no end of abuse, humiliation, spit, violence and hatred just to be heard. Shame, really, because their underlying message is really about living. And love. That was then. Now, Suicide is on the top of their game and the audience loves them back.

Alan Vega, Martin Rev

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